Raphael Mechoulam, towering figure in cannabis research has passed

CMCR mourns the passing on March 9, 2023 of Professor Raphael Mechoulam, commonly regarded as the father of cannabis research. He is recognized for his ground breaking studies on the structure and function of THC, as well as characterizing cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. In 1992, his laboratory discovered anandamide, the body’s first characterized signaling molecule within the endocannabinoid system. Though a towering figure, Professor Mechoulam was always generous with his advice and support and was crucial in guiding the efforts of CMCR in our early years. He continued his connection with CMCR over the decades and in 2019 we were pleased to honor him with CMCR’s Pioneer in Medicinal Cannabis Research Award. He is pictured here receiving that award. More information on Professor Mechoulam’s career can be found in this link from the International Cannabinoid Research Society which he helped to found.