Current Studies

PI: Giordano de Guglielmo, PharmD, PhD

The development of novel and more effective medications for alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a pressing medical need. Preclinical studies showed that chronic cannabidiol (CBD) treatment decreased alcohol drinking and prevented the reinstatement of alcohol seeking that was induced by environmental cues and stress.

PI: Mariana Cherner, PhD

It is estimated that up to a third US adults suffer from sleep problems, which are in turn associated with sub-optimal, and sometimes compromised, daily functioning.  Sedative and hypnotic medications constitute the main pharmacologic treatment for insomnia, but they are habit-forming and associated with adverse next-day “hangover” effects, including impaired driving and risk of falls.

PI: William Perry, Ph.D. & Jared Young, Ph.D

This study will look at the impact of chronic cannabis use as well as the effects of acute administration of the principal constituents of cannabis on cognition and brain levels of endogenous cannabinoids and the neurotransmitter dopamine.

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