Efficacy of inhaled cannabis versus placebo for the acute treatment of migraine

INVESTIGATOR: Nathaniel Schuster, MD

STUDY LOCATION: University of California, San Diego

PROJECT TITLE: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Vaporized Cannabis for the Acute Treatment of Migraine

FUNDING SOURCE: Migraine Research Foundation

PROJECT TYPE: Clinical Study

STATUS:  Enrollment Ended

ABSTRACT: This study is funded by the Migraine Research Foundation. People with migraine will treat 4 distinct migraines with vaporized cannabis with either ~0% THC and CBD (placebo), ~5% THC, ~12% CBD, or ~5% THC with ~12% CBD. The purpose is to determine the effect of THC and CBD on acute migraine with regards to pain freedom and pain relief, most bothersome symptom, and on its individual associated features (photophobia, photophobia and nausea).